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PickleballStat App Features


Enter Your Game Rallies

PickleballStat allows you to enter rallies shot-by-shot to generate key performance metrics about your game. Oversized input buttons on the sides of the screen so you simply use left and right thumbs to enter the record shots.

Breakdown Your Strokes

PickleballStat will break down your strokes by forehand and backhand for serves, 3rd shots, attackable shots, winners, forced errors, and unforced errors. Review statistics about each shot to gain profound insights indicating areas for improvement.

Play To Your Strengths

Understand which shots you hit more consistently so you can play to your strengths, control the rallies, and ultimately control the match. Develop more confidence and consistency, putting more pressure on your opponents.

Minimize Unforced Errors

Allow the numbers to identify which shots produce undesired results so you can drill to improve those shots.

Compare Against Other Players

See the number and percentage of shots you made in relation to your partner and your opponents. Use the numbers generated through PickleballStat as a tool to gain insightful information you can trust, and visualize your play against your opponents.


PickleballStat keeps track of the score and provides indicators for server and receiver throughout the game! PickleballStat provides a scoring only feature if you just want to monitor a game.

Recognize Momentum Changes

Use the Rally Momentum graph to visualize how seemingly uneventful shots during a rally drastically change momentum during a match.

Game Formats

PickleballStat works for Singles, Doubles, and Mixed Doubles with game options to 7, 9, 11, 15, and 21 win by 1 or 2.

Receive Detailed Reports On Each Match

PickleballStat emails you detailed reports for each match that include Rally Momentum, Shot Breakdowns, Forced & Unforced Errors, Attackable Shots, and more!
About pickleballstat

Track every game!

PickleballStat grew from a desire to objectively evaluate shots in order to improve skills. How often do you play a game and feel like you played a solid controlled game only to watch a video later to see missed opportunities and unforced errors? Or feel that your partner hit all of the unforced errors while you were hitting all of the winners? Or feel like your partner hit 90% of the balls only to find out it was more like 60/40?


As you watch videos of various matches, do you get a sense that one player is stronger, more aggressive, or more patient than others, but don’t have a way to objectively measure what you think you see?  Balancing aggressive and patient play is a critical success factor in advancing in your skill level. But how can you achieve balanced play if what you feel is different than reality and you don’t have the tools to objectively validate your observations?

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PickleballStat was developed by KEYSYS with an IPTPA Level I Certified Pickleball Instructor whose desire was to create a mobile application that all pickleball players could use to improve their skills. With PickleballStat, we have combined two passions – pickleball and software applications – into a tool that allows any player at any level to translate game data into strategic insights.